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Rodent Exclusion

Extermination plays a key role in ridding your home or building of rodents, but it’s not the only or most important step. When dealing with an infestation, many companies simply put out traps or baits to try and quickly get rid of the existing population of mice or rats in your home. While these are useful steps, the most important part of an effective rodent control plan is actually finding and sealing off the entry points on the home. This is called rodent exclusion. By making it virtually impossible for rodents to enter your home in the first place, rodent exclusion tackles the problem at its core and prevents future rodent infestations. We pride ourselves on performing exceptional rodent exclusion work for our clients’ homes to prevent long-term, recurring rodent infestation issues, 

Don’t leave your home open to invasion from mice and rats any longer, and call us today for more information about our rodent exclusion services as well as our other pest management options. You deserve to feel fully comfortable in your home and not have to worry about every little sound as a sign of unwanted guests. When combined with our other rodent control methods, rodent exclusion is the most effective route to a rodent-free home.