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Rodent Control

Suspicious noises, mysterious holes in clothing and shoes, and the sudden appearance of tiny dark pellets in your home all may point to a rodent infestation. Mice and rats will contaminate your food, destroy your belongings, and can even pose significant health risks as they carry disease. Understandably, most people aren’t so enthused about uninvited guests taking up residence inside their home, so we offer a variety of services to both remove these pests from your home and prevent them from entering in the first place. 


Alpine Pest Management provides reliable and systematic rodent control services. Whether we are dealing with the tiniest mice or the biggest rats, we will swiftly identify the issue and create a customized to resolve the situation in a timely manner. We offer pest management and extermination services to rid your home of dirty and unpleasant rodents so that you can rest secure knowing that your home is safe and clean. 


If you’ve tried DIY methods and nothing seems to be working, or if you’ve just discovered the problem and are eager to get rid of it, our team can help you take your home back! We have years of experience in residential and commercial rodent control, so you can trust that when Alpine Pest Management is on the job, your home is in good hands. For more information about our rodent control services, including rodent exclusion, please contact us today!